Becoming a "One Another" Church

Becoming a “One Another” Church
A Biblical Church

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In this sermon, preached by Phillip Slaughter, we look at what the Hebrews 10:24-25 and several other verses in the Bible say about being a church who stirs up one another, encourages one another, loves one another, etc. Do we live in biblical community (an environment that allows us to practice the "one another" verses)? What are we and our churches doing to foster these types of relationships?

Special Notes: 1) A wonderful testimony was given at the 17:08 mark of this sermon. Unfortunately the microphone did not record it. We deleted the blank space in the sermon. While the testimony definitely added to our worship experience and challenged and encouraged us all. Its absence will not affect the flow of the recording. 2) A video and a handout were both utilized during this sermon. Links to both can be found below (on our website)...

"One Another" handout from Multiply (chapter 4) mentioned throughout the sermon and read at the 19:25 mark. Please checkout Multiply for amazing reading material and videos that will help walk you through the discipleship process.

This video, "Together - Team Hoyt - My Redeemer Lives", was played at the 22:00 mark:
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